10 Epic Open World Fantasy Games You Can't Afford to Miss

Epic Open World Fantasy Games

We are all familiar with that sensation. When you power up an open-world fantasy RPG such as Witcher 3 or Xenoblade Chronicles 3, WHAM! You just get thrown into a WORLD OVERFLOWING with epic landscapes, mythical creatures and magic that could make your eyes water. But the best thing of all? YOU can choose what to do! Want to concentrate on the main quest? Sure! Would you rather spend time getting lost in creepy forests and forgotten about dungeons? JUST!! DOIT!!!!

These games serve as playgrounds for your imagination. There is a secret in every nook and cranny, every towering castle murmurs the whispers of old tales while each mountain begs to be scaled. The feeling of discovering something is out of this world; one never knows what kind of legendary booty or covert challenge waits ahead!

Also freedom should not go unmentioned about these games! Open world means that YOU are the ultimate decision maker. Play at your own pace? Absolutely! Unforeseen encounters that change your life within a second? OMG!!! This game allows you to tell YOUR personal story among grand narratives, creating your path to becoming a legend.

To sum it up, open-world fantasy RPGs are damned fantastic for sure. Now, off you go to explore and conquer those digital landscapes yourself!!!!

10. Minecraft

Minecraft is like a huge computer playground built entirely from LEGOS

Minecraft is like a huge computer playground built entirely from LEGOS – only so much better.  The world is practically infinite and you can construct ANYTHING your mind can dream of.  Want to create a pixelated palace fit for a king?  Done!  Feel like making a working redstone computer (because evidently that is possible)?  JUST DO IT!

The best part? Minecraft doesn’t hold your hand. There’s Survival Mode if you want to fight creepers and gather resources, or Creative Mode if you just feel like unleashing the architect within you. There’s even Adventure Mode where people who want to roam around premade worlds and find treasures.

And just when you think you’ve seen it all, BAM! Mojang hits you with another update. New biomes, fresh mobs, and features that keep the game feeling fresh as a mountain breeze. Seriously, it’s like they found a way to make infinite worlds even MORE infinite!

So yeah, Minecraft? Still an absolute MONSTER. Open world, limitless creativity and an ever active community. What more could a nerd ask for? Now go out there, build something epic and don’t forget to kill some creepers in the process!

9. Dragon Age: Origins

In Dragon Age: Origins, YOU craft your own legend

This game is not your usual kind of fantasy. You know, with the whole ‘huge world about to be eaten up by Blight’ thing and the predictable team of adventurers that you will be working with.  But all that really makes DA:O special is how YOU get to shape the journey of a hero.

Forget pre-made Chosen Ones. In Dragon Age: Origins, YOU craft your own legend.   You make a choice about where you come from first – Human Noble, Dwarf Commoner, Dalish Elf or any other choice you like!   This goes beyond choosing a race; it tells everything about your character’s background and motives as well as how he or she is regarded in the world. War veteran with scars? Escaped elf from elf society filled with prejudices? Your beginning sets milestones for all of these.

And what about those choices one makes in the course of this game? These have wider consequences than anyone can possibly imagine for they stretch like an impulse travels on water or electricity in a shockwave. Any decision no matter how big or little may change the fate of the world, relationships with companions and outcome of the story fully developed here.  It’s not just black and white morality anymore. Dragon Age: Origins throws moral choices at you like confetti until it becomes necessary for you to make difficult decisions which shall leave indelible marks behind them

These ain’t no glorified pack mules, speaking of companions. They are actual characters with their own backstories, personalities and attitudes towards the decisions you make. Therefore, you may create deep relationships with them or simply get on their nerves- all within your authority.

Even though Dragon Age: Origins does not have the best graphics these days, it is unimportant. This is an RPG of choice and consequence where you create your own mythic destiny. Hence, if you want a fantasy setting that reacts to everything you do then this game will suit you right. Don't forget that every decision carries weight; therefore, choose wisely!

8. Fable 2

Fable 2 does away with the traditional hero’s guidebook

To begin with, Albion is the kind of beast that is alive and breathing. Every corner feels diverse and lively, from snow-capped peaks to bustling markets. The worn cobblestones speak of innumerable footsteps, while layered snow tells stories of brutal winters. It is an immersive world that pulls you in.

Nevertheless, it’s not all fun and games in Albion. In this world there are real issues to grapple with such as the rich vs the poor, tradition vs change struggle among many others. And guess what? It all depends on YOUR choices! You can decide to be a goodie two shoes or a complete scoundrel – whatever you chose will be responded by Albion.

In other words, Fable 2 does away with the traditional hero’s guidebook. An orphan by the name Sparrow is what you are to play as. Not at all like a chosen one prophecy- this is a character with a troubled past and scores to settle. The narrative has an intense emotional depth about it as it deals with loss and its scars. It’s not nearly as goofy or fun-filled as the original Fable was, however; that’s what makes it so great. Fable 2 tried something different, mature themes and hence …unlike anything else in the genre.

So if you want fantasy that cuts deep, story that hits you right in your feels and paths of your own making then Fable 2 should be your pick. Remember though that every choice comes with consequences – will you be Albion’s savior or its destroyer? You decide!

7. Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade 3 has achieved the balance between exploration

A little different from some open-world games that spread out like a bottomless buffet, Xenoblade 3 has achieved the balance between exploration and, well, stuff to do!  The world isn't exactly COLOSSAL but it’s crammed with secret nooks to find, missions to complete and loot pinatas for monster turning.

And we cannot forget about the fantasy that abounds in it! We’re speaking of epic journeys, battles that would make Thor blush, and a world full of all sorts of mad creatures and killer landscapes. It’s what classic fantasy should be!

But Future Connected DLC is the real gem here. This miserable guy works as a prequel sequel AND series finale all at once! It ties up loose ends that have been hanging around for YEARS bringing us back on this emotional rollercoaster ride for any born-again Xenoblade fans since day one.

What is the best part?  Truly, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a welcoming game for those who have never played it before, though its finale Future Connected doesn’t suggest as much.  So newcomers do not need to be well-versed with Xenoblade lore to join in this epic fantasy journey.

I mean, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 right?: Balanced world and classic fantasy goodness that has DLC meant for long-time fans’ minds to blow up. What else might one want? Now go explore these landscapes and try not to cry so much during Future Connected (unless…you know…).

6. Bloodborne

Bloodborne gives the only open-world experience of its kind

This is Yharnam, a town from the Victorian era that has been turned into a living nightmare.  It’s not an open world of sunshine and rainbows though; Yharnam’s heart is surrounded with a dense fog of enigma and swarming with terrors that would startle even Cthulhu.

The total area may be small but it feels like an intricate maze.  Each narrow road, dilapidated structure, and concealed passage intermingle to create the sense of oppression that forces you to keep checking your back every few moments.  And you’ll love this part: there are huge payoffs for navigating this hellish place successfully.  While descending further into it, you might stumble upon hidden shortcuts that will reward your curiosity with new paths to take and secrets revealed.   The interconnecting design of the world where everything leads to something else is what makes Bloodborne unique.

Now, about such problems as difficulty….Bloodborne is like a nightmare.  But overcoming them?  The feeling after defeating the last boss who had been tormenting you or crossing another monster-filled area?  Pure bliss. Untouched. GLORY.   Here, the combat differs from that in most Soulsborne games. It’s swifter and more aggressive – one must be careful not to miss it.

This may discourage a number of newcomers, and its story is subtler than one could imagine. However, for those who persist? Bloodborne gives the only open-world experience of its kind. A mix of gothic horror, heart-stopping battles, and an open world…that wants you dead. So if you are prepared to confront your worst fears directly enter into Bloodborne; please don’t forget it is dangerous out there in a city like Yharnam where hunters are always lurking somewhere around Good luck!

5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Forget about all those other side missions that are just like one big fetch-quest.  These bad boys in Witcher 3 (the ones you pick up at notice boards or from NPCs) are like small, but perfectly formed stories of their own with weighty consequences on the world around you.

These quests aren’t merely to be checked off a list.  They stretch out the main story, give its protagonists greater depth and provide valuable advantages which are not mere trash.  They let you experience the world outside of heroes and villains and place more importance on every nook within the game.

Speaking of choices, Geralt isn’t playing Candyland here.  And these choices have real consequences that demand careful consideration in relation to his character as a witcher.  This is not just a matter of choosing between good and evil because each decision creates ripples that cause it to appear as if this is a real being aware of your steps.

Itself the world?  Straight out of Slavonic fantasy, morose as hell, and much more realistic than your average Tolkien fairy tale.  Sorry, this is not a land of milk and honey.  It is the kind of place where war separates people, ordinary people struggle for their livelihoods; and Geralt faces many ethical dilemmas. Witcher III emphasizes on developing characters and emotional jabs rather than flashy fights.  That is why your choices count here, since they create the story AND determine who Geralt will become.

So yeah, Witcher 3: best side quests ever’, an incomparable world in all realms of existence-human or otherwise- that has long-term implications felt by any choice you make. What else could one want from an open-world game? However please remember: everything comes with its price on the Path. Are you ready to go?

4. The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

The focus this time around is a far more direct story for The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

They took the first game’s Hyrule and made it more powerful via steroids!  The map can still be recognized, but they have tacked on Sky Islands together with underground Depths to explore. Are there any areas that could be conquered in more ways while still retaining the BOTW charm? I’m in.

The focus this time around is a far more direct story for The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom. Breath of the Wild was an epic game but not big on plot. This time? Here we go! To stop a new nasty threat Link has to track down new Sages, and there’s a whole time travel twist with Zelda getting thrown back in time! This makes for a killer dynamic between our two heroes, and adds some serious depth to the narrative.

Thus, it is not merely about The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom story- the game pushes beyond boundaries of open world exploration and fantasy.  This crafting mechanic is genuinely tight as hell and will reward you for poking around every corner and using the world’s resources to your advantage.  So, it’s all about that great feeling of discovery where you never know what legendary loot or hidden challenge awaits just round the next Sheikah Slate pulse!

It has set a new bar for what an open-world AND fantasy adventure should look like – we’re talking about Tears of Kingdom here. It is an unforgettable journey full of awe-inspiring sights, challenging fights, and a mind-blowing universe.  Grab your Master Sword, dust off your paraglider and get ready to experience Hyrule in a way you have never done before! Just remember though; the kingdom’s destiny lies on your brave shoulders – no pressure!

3. Elden Ring

Elden Ring is that brutal combat FromSoftware has always been famous for

Forge your own path in Elden Ring, trailblazing through a vast world at whatever speed you can manage. Want to reach the final boss as quickly as possible?  Just do it! Or would you rather go for some hidden dungeons and spooky ruins?  JUST GO! You will not get this typical Soulsborne experience in Elden Ring – the game is open and full of hidden things that are waiting to be found.

The beauty and harshness are blended gloriously into the world. Yes, there’s still plenty of dirt typical of soulsborne, but there’s also a sense of majesty and enigma that’ll make you want to unravel every bit of history left. And speaking about history, it’s all deep in Elden ring. The story is told through item descriptions, environmental clues, and cryptic whispers from NPCs. It’s like assembling one big puzzle where every piece you find adds another level to this intricate and captivating world.

Don’t be deceived by the beautiful appearance, Elden Ring is that brutal combat FromSoftware has always been famous for.  Dodging those deathblows, mastering enemy patterns and finally overcoming some huge bosses?  That feeling when you do so is ABSOLUTE JOY.  Elden Ring takes the Souls formula and adds a vast open world to it, resulting in an experience you’ve never seen before.

So Tarnished, whether you’re a grizzled Soulsborne vet or a complete newbie, Elden Ring offers a ride that will stick in your mind for good reason.  Just remember how huge and merciless Lands Between could get.  Take your favorite weapon into your hands, prepare to die all around the place, and plunge into the best open-world fantasy ever!

2. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

The most important thing about The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is that it is filled with things to do

Not like many other games which thrust you into premade classes, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim allows one to create his or her own path.  Would you rather be a huge warrior splitting his enemies in two?   Someone might say ‘No more, I want to be a powerful mage who will hurl fireballs at everyone’. Another person may confide that ‘I wish I could turn out as a sneaky thief who steals anything not nailed down even the ones that are’. These decisions are yours! In The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, its perk system lets you specialize on whatever fancies your mind and rewards how you play.

And speaking of content! The most important thing about The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is that it is filled with things to do.  This does not mean that the main story is not epic; it simply implies that there is so much more to discover. All of them have guilds with their own unique quests and narrative.  Many side quests wait for you to take them up which means wild journeys across the lands.  It really has something for every taste and each corner promises new surprises.

Now, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is not without its flaws.  There might be some wonky bugs and the AI can be a little…off at times.  But here’s the thing: you play it for what it is.  VAST WORLD, UNLIMITED FREEDOM, ENDLESS CONTENT.  It is a game where hours and still stumble upon something new.

So yeah, Skyrim: make your own way, conquer massive missions or quests and travel in a different world from any other. However remember that great power means great responsibility (and the occasional dragon you gotta slay). Now then Dovahkiin get out there and carve your legend into the freezing plains of Skyrim!

1. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild represents a giant jump from previous games

No matter what you think about Zelda games, Breath of the Wild is a new kind of cool. It’s not just another sequel; it is totally mind blowing for open world exploration!

The game respects Hyrule’s heritage but injects fresh innovation into it. It feels like a Zelda game with traditional elements but has new mechanics, an in-depth open world that calls to be explored and a more grown-up feel. In this way, long time fans can delve into the nostalgia while newbie’s fall for current open world goodness.

The best part? The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild doesn’t baby you. Once the intro ends, it opens up its voluminous earth and tells you: have fun! You are free to choose wherever you want to go , whatever task to do or whichever problem to solve. Thus, this freedom gives an insane sense of agency and discovery – become your own hero in the wilderness of Hyrule!

The playground the world itself is, which will be pleased to welcome curiosity of yours.  Straying from well-known pathways only results in you coming across hidden shrines, epic loot or even monsters able to transform you into a Link paste. Such exploration is usually exciting yet dangerous in that what awaits you is unknown.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild represents a giant jump from previous games, as it enters the open-world genre but still remains true to its traditions.  Fans who have been following the series since day one are breathing new life into it; hence it stands out among other open-world powerhouses such as Witcher 3 and Xenoblade Chronicles X for instance. Now pick your Sheikah Slate, grab your paraglider and lose yourself in the untamed beauty of Hyrule! Still remember that adventure awaits while fearsome enemies do too. Be ready for it brave warrior!

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