10 things Hogwarts Legacy 2 Needs to Borrow From Other Incredible Games

10 things Hogwarts Legacy 2 Needs to Borrow

Rumors have been circulating about Hogwarts Legacy: sequel, but nothing has yet been officially confirmed. However, this has not stopped fans from begging for what to include or avoid in the anticipated sequel. A lot of features that should be part of sequels to Hogwarts Legacy are some old ideas.

It is hard to imagine learning about Hogwarts and not wanting to explore its halls and mysteries as a wizard. Nevertheless, this was one aspect Hogwarts Legacy lacked so much. Shouldn't Hogwarts have felt like a place where wizards could return to in between missions? Yet it did not capitalize on its position as an esteemed magical academy for the gameplay of Hogwarts Legacy. These features need therefore be adapted into the next game by it borrowing from other games too.

10) Morality System: Account For Player Choices

Morality System in hogwarts legacy 2

The game lacks any consequences for using Unforgivable Curses and turning dark. Therefore, the sequel should take a page from Mass Effect’s book by incorporating a morality system that gives weight to right and wrong choices made. This can open up different dialogue options as well as affect how NPCs interact with the protagonist. In Hogwarts Legacy, there is almost no reactivity to player decisions, so this needs to change in a follow-up in order to make it feel like becoming a dark wizard has some real consequences.

9) Dating can make non-playable character (NPC) interactions more important.

Dating can make non-playable character (NPC)

It does not have to be as elaborate as dating sims, but any kind of relationship mechanics would be appreciated in a Hogwarts Legacy sequel. When a fifth-year is high school age, they could become overwhelmed by the drama that seems endless. Nevertheless, at present, there are fewer reasons for conversing with non-playing characters other than mission objectives and even lesser ones for asking a student if she’d like to grab some butter beer together and talk.

8) More immersive Exploration with survival meters

More immersive Exploration with survival

Although it would make the second game slightly more difficult, having meters that track hunger, thirst and sleep in places like Sons of the Forest could add a different slant to the game while enriching its immersion. The dorms of Hogwarts Legacy are currently superfluous, which would necessitate their use. If character required filling their meters, something more engaging about the world should take shape, and additional tactics for remaining alive and full strength when embarking on missions.

7) Party system could spice up warfare

Party system could spice up warfare hogwarts legacy 2

The old Harry Potter games on PS2, Xbox, and GameCube had a party system where one could be incorporated into the Hogwarts Legacy sequel. Commonly, this was utilized to switch between Harry, Ron and Hermione so that their different skills can be used to get through puzzles and defeat foes. However, this could enable the fifth-year student to have allies during combat that are available using the same party system and help them overcome their own weaknesses.

6) Interacting Stores That Could Bring An Intensive Hogwarts Legacy Sequel To Life

Interacting Stores That Could Bring An Intensive Hogwarts Legacy Sequel To Life

There are a few shops in Hogwarts Legacy where you can buy items like Wiggenweld potions at some of these places. Nonetheless, Hogsmeade is not so real as a place when there are many stores that lack interactivity especially if compared to all those that any group may stumble upon in other RPGs such as Baldur's Gate 3. This would make the world feel more living by allowing even the most useless items like candies or purchasing butter beer at Three Broomsticks be sold by the various shops present.

5) Buff That Enhances The Usefulness of Common Rooms & Dorms

Usefulness of Common Rooms & Dorms hogwarts legacy 2

In World of Warcraft, whenever a character spends time in a city or inn, it accumulates rested experience that doubles the rate at which experience is gained from monsters. It may be that the sequel for Hogwarts Legacy allows players to gain a similar buff by spending time in their house common rooms or dormitories, making them more useful than they currently are. Alternatively, it could be replaced with an increase in the amount of damage done or a broom flight speed boost if an experience boost doesn’t quite gel as well with how a sequel functions.

4) More Choices For Personalization Of Dorms

Choices For Personalization Of Dorms in hogwarts legacy 2

The Hogwarts Legacy house common rooms might feel more alive compared to other areas since there are always other students hanging out and chatting there, but the dorms overall leave a lot to be desired. One would think that having an option to customize the dorms like in Animal Crossing might make them feel cozier and more interesting. For a sequel this would double up as another side activity thereby increasing immersion as well.

3) Enhancing NPC Relationships in the Sims through Social Systems

Enhancing NPC Relationships

In The Sims, every Sim has a social panel that shows their relationship with other Sims. Which interactivities with those same sims depend on the relationship score and to what extent they are liked or disliked by the others? This system will make it possible for NPCs to feel more alive in Hogwarts Legacy sequel thereby enabling new student to have some time spent with his/her classmates apart from quests. Finally, this system can serve as a basis for an extensive social model where NPCs relate differently to the new student.

2) How Well Hogwarts Can Be Integrated Into The Story Line

Hogwarts legacy 2 Can Be Integrated Into The Story Line

In Persona games, characters are students who can increase their Knowledge skill by taking classroom exams. Since Hogwarts Legacy is set in a school and focuses on students, adding exams to its sequel only makes sense; especially given how little attention is paid to its school setting. Completing an exam successfully could give a buff that boosts the effectiveness of related spells as an incentive to participate.

1) Passing Time To Keep Students On Schedule

Passing Time To Keep Students On Schedule Hogwarts Legacy 2

Majora's Mask has a time system that forces Link to complete his tasks and save Termina from the moon. Meanwhile, the game also empowers him with tools necessary for manipulating the time. The key elements that should be borrowed by Hogwarts Legacy sequel’s from this system include: having events set at different times and an actualflow of time. It makes you feel like you are living inside a video game; you can go to sleep in your dormitory when night falls or talk to other students regarding upcoming events.

The story flow would make more sense if it was developed into a Hogwarts Legacy sequel rather than into DLC or expansions which may be much better use of the developers’ time and resources. Furthermore, there’s always room for making sequels better than their predecessors. One good thing about a potential sequel to Hogwarts legacy is that there are countless examples of whatnots from other games that will perfectly suit any improvements for instance in terms of features.

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