Top 10 Most Interesting Animals to Hunt & Catch in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 PS5

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you will find a range of unique water inhabitants and almost impervious creatures. The wild life in RDR2, whether by chance encounters on the road or hunting them down with passion, remain important to the game. Others proved more challenging than their counterparts did but all animals have something worth offering such as meat, pelts and unique goods.

The legendary ones are what many people would like to track for example; Bull Gator, White Bison, Sockeye Salmon while others look for other valuable critters. In this regard, a lot of RDR2’s wildlife can be found off-road which gives players an additional opportunity to delve deeper into the fascinating map. Approximately two hundred species of animals are featured in the game but some of the most interesting ones have been neglected from its history.

10) Legendary Beaver Drops Valuable Materials: Legendary Beaver Pelt & Legendary Beaver Tooth

Legendary Beaver Drops Valuable Materials rdr 2

Legendary Beaver Pelt & Legendary Beaver Tooth

This cute small animal may not offer much resistance, but it offers a sweet reward to those who can hunt it down and finish it off. One of the things that can be picked from the Beaver is the Legendary Beaver Tooth, which is used in creating a Beaver Tooth Trinket reducing weapon degradation by 10%. This is very important; cleaning up weapons during combat in Red Dead Redemption2 (RDR 2) can mean life or death. The Legendary Beaver is found west of Van Horn Trading Post and slightly south of the Elysian Pool.

9) Iguanas Come In All Shapes & Colors: Iguanas Can Be Harvested For Iguana Carcasses

Iguanas Come In All Shapes & Colors

One of the most captivating creatures in Red Dead Redemption 2 is the Iguana, because they are rare. In Arthur Morgan's main chapter, Green Iguanas could only be found on an unnamed island in Flat Iron Lake and Guarma which requires a glitch to return after chapter five. It can also be used to make iconic outfits, a new satchel, and even the Iguana Scale Trinket that reduces horseback damage by 10%. By completing the first six chapters as John Marston, Sand Iguanas can also be hunted throughout all of New Austin.

8) Bald Eagles Are Tricky To Spot In The Sky: Provides Eagle Feathers & Eagle Carcasses

Bald Eagles Are Tricky To Spot In The Sky

Not withstanding the fact that there is no legendary version of the Bald Eagle to hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2, killing one successfully yields a lot of material worth. The carcass can be sold for anywhere between one and four dollars depending on its quality as well as other crafting purposes for the feathers. Weapons like improved throwing knives and tomahawks require eagle feathers, which are also needed for special poison and dynamite arrows. These birds are often found in mountains of Ambarino and West Elizabeth with Varmint Rifle or Bow giving you the best chance at getting highest quality carcasses.

7) Bald Eagles Are Tricky To Spot In The Sky: Drops The Legendary Elk Pelt & Legendary Elk Antler

Drops The Legendary Elk Pelt & Legendary Elk Antler

With huge size, the Legendary Elk is so difficult to bring down in all of Red Dead Redemption 2, but those who can shoot it with firepower and not let it get away will find themselves richly rewarded. There is a reason for hunting this creature early on in the game instead of later because of the trinket directly attached to one item that drops.

Elk Antler Trinket requires Legendary Elk Antler, making it worth exponentially more as a source of 10% extra money from looting if got earlier. The forest east of Bacchus Station, north of Fort Wallace between New Hanover and Ambarino is home to the Legendary Elk.

6) The White Cougar Pelt Is Quite Valuable: Drops The White Cougar Pelt

The White Cougar Pelt Is Quite Valuable

The White Cougar might sound like a more lucrative prey to hunt for, mainly because you can get the Cougar Fang trinket which adds 10% to stamina experience. However, there is only one white cougar and that makes it all very interesting. This comes when Arthur accompanies Leopold Strauss to collect some money from a certain Winton Holmes in one of his quests called “Money Lending and Other Wins IV”.

Holmes lures Morgan into a cavern with the promise of killing a white cougar from whose pelt will pay him off and then some, but things turn ugly when Winton Holmes gets killed by the animal instead. This mission may seem insignificant but it captures the essence of RDR2’s stranger characters who are not smart enough to know anything and animal’s most notable feature is its color – white; however, it sells for $38.

5) Catching The Legendary Lake Sturgeon Comes With A View: Can Be Sold As Part Of Jeremy Gill's Quest

Catching The Legendary Lake Sturgeon Comes

To begin with, the first fish to appear on the list is the Legendary Lake Sturgeon that is one of the most difficult and satisfying species to catch in Red Dead Redemption 2. In order to catch it, players have two options: they can either find a boat and paddle into the water or go up to a bridge on which lies a railway line.

Any delay in jerking will result in him being run over by a train heading towards Saint-Denis which might either kill Arthur or make him fall into water. The Special River Lure enables you to locate the Legendary Lake Sturgeon in the swampy waters west of Saint-Denis and slightly south of Calliga Hall.

4) The Legendary Bull Gator Is Terrifying: Provides The Legendary Alligator Skin & Legendary Alligator Tooth

The Legendary Bull Gator Is Terrifying

There is nothing that ain’t cool about the Legendary Bull Gator that haunts Lagras’ swamps. From the way it looks to its actions, it is legendary in every sense of the word unlike other legendary animals with main appearances only limited to bears. For many swamp dwellers who have never laid eyes on it, they think of it as more of a fantasy because of its monstrous size. Just north of Lakay is where you can find the Legendary Alligator and its tooth can be used for making the Legendary Alligator Tooth Talisman which decreases the drain rate of Dead Eye core by 10%.

3) Panthers Prefer To Hunt At Night: Provides Panther Carcass, Heart, & Claw

Panthers Prefer To Hunt At Night

The Panther NPCs in Red Dead Redemption 2 are more challenging to beat than other normal animals. There is one Legendary variant but the conditions for unlocking its hunting ability make it not worth bothering with. These monsters are supple and strong: they will approach you in an attempt to kill you after taking only a few precise shots. Anyone who does not see why they should go through all trouble of finishing off all Master Hunter challenges can find regular Panthers right inside the forest around Braithwaite Manor.

2) The Legendary Salmon Puts Up Quite A Fight: Can Be Sold As Part Of Jeremy Gill's Quest

The Legendary Salmon Puts Up Quite A Fight

Can Be Sold As Part Of Jeremy Gill's Quest

The second fish to make an appearance on the list and possibly the most chilled one is Legendary Salmon. Like all other legendary fish including Legendary Lake Sturgeon, this salmon does not give any rare crafting materials but is still one of the best ones to catch for “A Fisher of Fish” mission. For Arthur or John to capture this red shiny aquatic creature, they have to go to Grizzlies which is snowy area where the first chapter of the game takes place. It’s a must-catch in Red Dead Redemption 2 because it offers an enormous challenge and provides a reason for going back into the snow biome later in the game.

1) Armadillos Are Cuddly Little Creatures: The Armadillo Drops Only An Armadillo Carcass

Armadillos Are Cuddly Little Creatures

The Armadillo is last on the list, and it certainly has a strong case for being the coolest animal in Red Dead Redemption 2 because of its scaly flesh and unique morphology. Armadillo, which shares certain similarities with Iguana, can only be found during epilogue. However, this does not mean that they live on a small island in New Hanover like their scaled counterparts. One such great outfit in RDR2 is “The Desperado” that needs a perfect Armadillo carcass as an ingredient to manufacture, hence making these creatures cute and valuable. Armadillos are wide spread throughout New Austin but mostly located in the northeastern parts.

Amongst the many animals present in Red Dead Redemption 2, they could be described as the game’s most common side characters whose hunting down is both satisfying and fulfilling. Rockstars have achieved that level of gaming innovation with life-like features of animals they craft as well as their exceptional designing potential. The open world of RDR2 is just as alive as the characters that reside within it, and the animals are largely to thank for that.

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